Welcome Letter

Dear Friends,
We are happy to introduce you to Beth Ami – Colorado Congregation for Humanistic Judaism. Beth Ami began in 1992 when it became affiliated with the Society of Humanistic Judaism. We have members throughout the Denver-Boulder metropolitan area.
Beth Ami means “house of my people” in Hebrew. The name reflects not only our Jewish heritage and identity but our sense of community and our welcoming spirit. We are a “congregation” in that we share a common view of what it means to be a Jew that is different from other more traditional Jewish denominations.
We provide a place where secular Jews can find a comfortable home. We appeal to those who respect and love our Jewish heritage and want to affiliate with others with similar viewpoints. We are Jews who want Jewish studies for our children and ourselves, who want to observe Jewish holidays, appreciate Jewish culture, and express a connection with the Jewish people and Israel in a non-theistic setting.
Beth Ami welcomes as a Jew anyone who identifies with the history, culture, struggles, triumphs, and future of the Jewish people. Our membership includes those from a variety of backgrounds.
Sheila Malcolm sheila@bethami.com
Michelle Davis madrikhadavis@gmail.com
Marti Hirsh marti.hirsch@mail.com
Lenore Kingston education@bethami.com